As another Java’s traditional house, the construction of Kudus’ traditional house is divided based on the function and the purpose. Here the explanation:

  1. Jaga Satru is the foremost room that serve as a living room. There are two doors in Jaga Satru, inep door and sorong door. The inep door is the main gate that made from teak wood, while the sorong door is a sliding door with the two-short door outside, named kere.

Usually there is a pillar, one or two pillars in Jaga Satru. The pillars’ function is as poles. This room also bound with gebyog and other connecting doors. Uniquely, the decoration of the ornaments of the house is a floral pattern. More floral pattern inside the house, the higher strata of the owner.

There is a special door in the middle of the Gebyog. This door is opened for a special day only. Thus, there is a tiny window that usually use to peeking a ‘pingit’ girl.

  1. Another room in this traditional house is Griyo Njero, which has a higher story than Jaga Satru. The stairs to the Griyo Njero is made from engraved bench, named ancik-ancik.

In Griyo Njero, there is Gedongan room or also the most important of the Kudus traditional house. Gedongan is a tiny room that separated with brass-gold-wood panel. The Gedongan should be in line with the entry so the Gedongan will be seen open from the outside. Gedongan itself is a bedroom and a bank where the owner save their wealth. This is a private room of the family in that house.

Thus, on the left of Griyo Njero, there is a connecting door that connect the room with pawon. There are two types of pawon, pawon alit as a kitchen and pawon ageng as family room.

  1. Structurally, the well and bathroom is located in front of the house, beside the neighbor’s house. The bathroom is made with an open wall, and everyone should clean the bathroom before entering it.
  2. On the other side of the house, there is a pencu that is decorated with pottery. Also there is a nok tembikar (nok pottery) with crop pattern in the roof. This roof is a representation of the magnificent of mountains.
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