Train is one of transportation in Indonesia. This diesel transportation mode help people to easily move from one place to another places with low cost. But, do you know where the first railway in Indonesia are?

Semarang – Tanggung was two cities in Indonesia which was connected earliest with railway. This first railway was built by the Dutch East-Indies Governor General Baron Sloet van de Beele in June, 17 1864. The railway has 25 kilometer length with 1.435 millimeter wide and had two stoppage stations, Brumbung and Alastua.

Nederlandsch-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij (NIS) became the constructor of this railway, and also the first railway company in Indonesia. In 10 August 1867, 3 years later, Semarang – Tanggung railway officially operated. The tickets cost was varied, from 0.45 gulden, 1.5 gulden, and 3 gulden, depends on the classes. The unique thing of all was this train was not only for human, but also used to transported livestock, crops, and also plantation vehicles likes cart from Brumbung to Alastua, or the other way around.

The Semarang – Tanggung train was operated two times a day, in the morning and afternoon, with 1 hour estimated travelling time. The train leaved from Semarang Station at 7.00am and arrived in Tanggung Station at Then it will departed from Tanggung Station at 4.00pm and to be arrived in Semarang Station at 5.00pm.

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