Megibung is a mess tradition in one receptacle from Karangasem people in Bali. Megibung has been done for many years ancestrally. However, there is no record about this tradition.

Megibung is a procession that is done in a ritual. People in East Duda Village still doing this tradition until today, especially in piodalan ritual.

The things in Megibung are:

  1. Gibungan, or rice that laid out in a 60×60 cm cushion covered with banana leaves.
  2. Salt as a condiment for Gibungan. It is usually put in the corner of Gibungan.
  3. Sekar Gibungan, or the star fruit-leaves soup and lawar (combination of meat, vegetable, and grated coconut) on the top of Gibungan.
  4. Water that is placed in caratan (kettles)
  5. Tuak, or a traditional drink which is offered to the audience of Megibung. If they don’t want the tuak, then they can refuse it.

There is 6 to 8 people in a group of Megibung and lead by the oldest person. They eat together and have to finish it together. It teach people about togetherness and discipline in a society.

According to East Duda Headman, there is no one people in his village that want or forget the Megibung tradition.

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