The Temple Makers

Most of the Hindu-Buddhist-temples in Indonesia were built with andesite and divided into two types, a single temple or group temple. With a huge yet amazing, some of the temples, especially in Central Java, such as Sewu Temple, Plaosan Temple, Gedongsonggo Temple, and Dieng Temple have a large number of fans and visitor through years. However, can you spot whom the architects of those historical masterpieces? What are the name of those professions?

If you look at the temples closely, you may can’t imagine how the ancients created it. With a minimum technique and media, it might be impossible to have those marvelous temples on their era. These are the people/professions whom constructed the temples based on manuscripts:

  1. Shapaka, or hermit architect. The hermit should be a Brahmin whom has an outstanding comprehend of the holy book and has a good manner based on his/her dignity.
  2. Sthapati, or the designer whom has the main role in the project.
  3. Sutragrahin, or the technical excecuter.
  4. Taksaka, or the sculptor.
  5. Vardhakin, the ornamental expert.


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