Massomba Tedong means purifying the sacrifice buffalo. This is a highest ritual in Toraja society and also the part of Merauk Padang (spearing the buffalo) ritual. In this hereditary formal, a black and grease buffalo will be sacrified by the Tomassomba (people who do the Massomba), and before sacrificing, the Tomassomba will clean and fink the buffalo.

Those provisos should be done before the buffalo is given to Puang Matua, Ilah, and Dewata (the demigod). Hymn and poetical words collateral the sacrificing as the other requirements to the demigod. All of hymn lyrics means mindset of the Torajas, including faith and moral philosophy of tribe. This hymn also become the Torajas way of life until today.

As Toraja people believe, the Massomba Tedong is not a usual ancestral tradition only, but moreover, this service also as a pray to Puang Matua, Ilah, and Dewata for a future better life.


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