Many people know painting as one of art that use oil color in its work. But, have you ever heard about Gutha Tamarin technique?

Gutha Tamarin technique is one of Bathik making process from tamarin seed powder which is mixed with water and butter until it become a paste. The paste then utilized as malam or Batik wax. This process is also known as cold Batik because there is no heating process include, and also it doesn’t need any canting but only use a piping bag.

There is no specific Tamarin seeds options in Gutha Tamarin technique. Any tamarin seeds can be used to be a paste in this painting technique. The main key is the paste should not to watery or thick. The paste should be settled overnight to make the formula (water, tamarin seeds powder, and the butter) mixed perfectly before applied to canvas or other materials.

However, the painting with Gutha Tamarin technique is impermanent. Maggots will appear from the painting after 1 month.

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