Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) collaborated with BAB Publishing Indonesia conducted a book release Saraswati in Bali : A Temple, Museum and Mask written by Ron Jenkins. The event was held in Goethe Institute, Jakarta Pusat, and attended by culture division deputy of Education and Cuture Minister, Wiendu Nuryanti, ARMA founder, Anak Agung Rai and delegation of Germany Embassy, Michael Hoffman.

I thank to Ron Jenkins, an American Professor who had allocated his time to do a research in ARMA Museum said Agung Rai when delivering speech. He also told on how Dewi Saraswati , a source of knowledge, beauty, and art, could inspire painting, performance and ritual. The 156 pages book also informs the Balinese belief on art power and literature through photos and interviews with farmer, dancers, painters, pangeran and pendande.

In the middle of crowded political atmosphere, here in Goethe Institute its like an oasis in the desert, stated Wiendu with regard to the book release. She added that the more such event will cool down and color our life.

I think the book is brilliant and beautiful written said Wiendu about the book. Bali will never run out of inspiration, both in tourism, tradition or such book.

Simultaneously with the bool release, the event provided a photo exhibition of IB Putra Adnyana works and Citra Saraswati dance performance by Bulantrisna Djelantik.

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