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Jamik Air Tiris Mosque

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Jamik Air Tiris Mosque

One of acculturation form of Malay Islam in Sumatera is Jamik Air Tiris Mosque in Kampar, Riau, about 54 kilometers from Pekanbaru City. The mosque was built by Datuk Ongko Mudo Songkal in 1910. Some of the ornaments in this mosque were made in Singapora, according to the relationship between Datuk Ongko Mudo Songkal and one of Singapore’s commanders.

The mosque was made from wood and the construction looks like Demak Mosque. Jamik  Air Tiris Mosque has a pyramid form with 40 piles. During the construction, all of Kampar resident cooperated to built the mosque. This mosque also furnished with some Tionghoa and Malay inscriptions.

Most of the inscriptions in Jamik Air Tiris Mosque are floral inscriptions such as lotus, bamboo shoots, sunflower, and mangosteen’s flower. One of interesting things is all of piles are tightened without nail. Today, Jamik Air Tiris Mosque still active as a mosque for Riau people.                              

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