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Malam, the Essential Element in Batik Making Process


Batik is authentic Indonesian heritage which has been recognized by UNESCO. Batik is one of traditional fabric which became the pride of Indonesian because of its beauty and value. Many people, both local and foreigner trying to learn how to make Batik. One of the basic element is Malam.

Malam is made from melted wax to make the pattern on the fabric. Malam or wax is used to cover the Batik pattern on the fabric, which is drawn with pencil in order to make additional pattern such as dot or line. Some of Batik artisans use approximately 1kg of wax for once Batik production, it depends on the length and the pattern’s detail.

Malam can be applied by using canting. Canting is the main tool in the making of Batik Tulis. The shape is similar with dipper which has a small funnel for draining the wax on the fabric. Canting is made from bamboo as a grip and copper as melted Malam container. Before pouring Malam on the fabric, Malam must be blown in order to make an ideal pattern.

After Malam is poured on the fabric and set, the next step is colouring and washing the fabric. Usually, Batik artisans are using warm water to remove the rest of Malam. Now Batik is ready to use!

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