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Sawentar Temple


Located in Sawentar Village, Kanigoro, Blitar, East Java, Sawentar Temple was covered up by the lava and on the 1915 PJ Perquin founded this temple. The Temple’s ornaments are similar with The Kidal Temple’s, so both of the Temple are predicted come from the same era. One of the ornament which can only be seen on Sawentar Temple and Kidal Temple is shell motif (zaadhuis motief).

According to Negarakrtagama manuscript, King Hayam Wuruk has visited Lwang Wentar on 1283 Saka (1361 Christian Calendar), but there is no confirmation whether Lwang Wentar is Candi Sawentar or not. There are two judgement about Candi Sawentar’s background of religion, first is Waisnawa Religion which means Temple for worshiping Wisnu or Hindu-Saiwabased on Garuda and Dragon motif on the stairs.


Source by : Ramelan, Wiwin Djuwita Sudjana, dkk. 2013. Candi Indonesia Seri Jawa. Jakarta: Direktorat Pelestarian Cagar Budaya dan Permuseuman.

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