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Don Bosco

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Don Bosco Te Huis is located on Tidar Street No. 115, Desa Sawahan, Kecamatan Sawahan, Surabaya, East Java. Its area is  22361m ² and 38500m ² of building area.

Don Bosco Te Huis is a children orphanage, which was founded on March 8, 1927. This foundation was established by GJ Ter Veer pastor, the first director of the foundation since 1927 to 1933. In the beginning of 1927, the foundation had to have borne for too many children , but because they have not owned their own homes so the children were accommodated in other asylums and boarding house. On 2-12-1931, the first rented house on Jalan Ngemplak No. 7-8 Surabaya. Furthermore, in 1936 they bought a land on Jalan Tidar which then they built a house and live there until now.

Don Bosco Te Huis was designed by Henrie Estour with a blend of modern architecture and tropical nature. It is characterized by the gallery which serve  as a corridor connecting the rooms which functions for retaining direct sunlight and rain water towards the open door.

Was built like a letter "U", it consists of a main building and flanked by two rows of building. In between the main building and the side of the building there is an open space which is used as a garden. In the middle (center) there is a church building (chapel). The entire building is completed with large windows in every room. The window is for ventilation and light holes. The window and door frames use teak. At the front of this building, there is an arch entrance with the 225cm height and 250cm wide of fight butterfly united with the front gallery. Meanwhile, the front gevel is horizontalwith a flat roof and cuboid. On the back, it has a water disposal wells so the waste water that is discharged into the river behind the building has been through an undergone screening.

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