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Zebaoth Church

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Zebaoth Church is located at Jl. Ir. H. Juanda, Kecamatan Bogor Tengah, West Java. It lies surrounding the Bogor Palace where it was used to the place of Governor General of Dutch. Zebaoth Church was established on June 30th 1926 by Mr. J.P. Graaf Vaan Limburg Strium.

Zebaoth Church also well known as “Chicken Church” because the chicken statue on top of its tower. Inside the church, it has mimbar (rostrum), altar, and cross. The tower lies in the middle between the right and the left roof. There is also geometric and flora decoration, also stained glass. The front door is a half arc.

In the beginning, the prayers were only European people, while the other worshipers prayed at the Bethel Church on Jl. Sudirman Bogor. During the occupation, the inside part of the church were in damage. The building was renovated on December 4th, 1985 by  a priest of Zebaoth Church, A.J. Naiola.

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