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Mamanukan Game


Traditional Game of West Java

Mamanukan can be found in almost every region in Tatar Sunda. Mamanukan is also called Okarina. The used materials are made of earthenware. The shape of mamanukan is similar to a bird.

Mamanukan derived from Manuk or birds. This game is a clone tool from the shape of a bird. It is generally made ​​of molded pottery, usually is colored red. It has perforated tail end, as well as its left and right side. It is usually played in a group, by boys aged between 5-10 years in the home page or under trees.

The game instruction is by blowing the tail of the bird while regulating the tone by opening and closing two holes in the body of a bird with finger.

Source: Directorate of the museum. , 1998. Indonesian Traditional Games. Jakarta: Development of the museum project.

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