Jadalwara (Gargoyle) usually decorated as a scary ornaments, such as wild animals that is based on images of underwater mystical creature. Primarily in Borobudur Temple, there are three variant of Jadalwara that are spread on the temple structure. Those are antefix in Pagar Langkan Terrace, Kala head in Pagar Langkan aisle 2,3, 4, and 5, and Makara which is sustained by Gana on the first Pagar Langkan aisle.

The actual drainage system of Borobudur Temple is draining the water around temple through the Jadalwara. However, this old system cause the water leak to the outside the temple through the space of rock’s crack and cause to emerge the microorganism and other rock’s problem.

On Borobudur’s first restoration (1911- 1914), the old drainage system was still used by van Erp. Nonetheless, van Erp add more spaces on the rock’s gap in Aruphadatu floor, aisle, and the temple’s terrace. The aisle also changed to be a bit sloping to make the water drain outside the temple through the Jadalwara. This system had been used until the second restoration in 1973 – 19883. The drainage system through the Jadalwara then became the second option. The new drainage system now is by draining the water through the pipeline inside the temple.

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