Rendang is very identic with West Sumatera people, or also known as Minangkabau tribe. This local food, however has many kinds of ingredients besides meat. One of them is lokan or scallop. The local people call it as Rendang Lokan.

Rendang Lokan is a kind of Rendang that is made from Lokan, a Minangkabau’s name for scallop. This kind of Rendang can be described as an adaptation of Rendang in coastal area of West Sumatera. Alam takambang jadi guru, a Minangkabau’s philosophy to describe about nature. Because of scallop is easier to find than meat in coastal, so the people change the Rendang from meat to scallop. Rendang Lokan also used as the main dishes for the headman in darek.

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