Wayang Kulit (wayang that made from leather) is a kind of traditional art in Indonesia that has been established for many years, and still become the most epic traditional performances in Indonesia. Bali is one of provinces in Indonesia that put Wayang performances on their ceremonial, such as Hindu services, Balinese traditional ceremony, etc. In Bali itself, Wayang Kulit is estimated has been appeared since the IX Century.

Wayang Kulit Bali has been existed as a type of art performances, such as Wali dance, Bebali, and Balih-balihan, and also usually tied to traditional ceremony and services in Bali. Wayang Lemah is one of Balinese Wayang performance that function as a companion of service.

Wayang Lemah also known as Wayang Gedog. The performance of this Wayang is without screen or kelir and blencong lamp. The puppeteer played his Wayang by lean the Wayang with 1 to 1,5meter white thread (tukelan string) that is tied with dapdap wood. The gamelan that accompany the Wayang is Gender Wayang that has 5 notes (slendro).

Wayang Lemah or Wayang Gedog is showed on the afternoon, or before the service’s held. The performers are 3 to 5 persons, including one puppeteer and the Gender Wayang players. The story of the Wayang’s generally from Mahabharata stories, and the duration of the show is one to two hours.

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