For Dayak Iban people, there are a lot of think to do to express they believe. One of them is harvest ceremony.

The ceremony is Gawai Dayak, which is a symbol of grateful to the PETARA (the almighty) for the harvests. This ceremony usually done on May or June. There are some rituals that have been done by the Dayak Iban people before they do the ceremony. They have to cook some traditional foods, such as pulut, rendai, tumpe, kembang goyang, and other traditional beverages, such as air tuak (a kind of alcoholic drink) that will be served on the ceremony. The pre-ceremony is divided into three parts, Ngemapas, Niri Kembung, and Ngalu Ketemuai Datai.

Ngemapas usually do on the night before the Gawai Dayak day. The purpose of Ngempas is to protect the Dayak Iban people from the evil. On this process, this ritual is led by the ancestral leader. After do the Ngemapas, the next part is Niri Kembung that is done in the early morning. On this ritual, the people hang the flags and create teresang that is made from bamboo and decorated with isang leaves.

Other part of ritual is Ngalu Ketemuai Dawai, which is held right before the Gawai Dayak ceremony. This ritual is done in the morning as the guest coming ceremonial. The guests are greeted by a traditional form and also accustomed cakes. Thus, there are guests whom doing ngetas pintu tradition, or visiting Betang House.

There are some requirements that have to be fulfilled in Gawai Dayak. Some of them are pig, chicken, leaves, fruits, white rice, egg, pulut or a-cooked glutinous rice, rendai, tumpe, kembang goyang, coins, Mandau, string, cigarette, whiting, salt, ase maneh, tuak, yellow rice, and others.

Besides the Dayak’s foods and beverages, Gawai Dayak is also enlivened by dances and songs. This is a rousing party for Dayak people. The peak of this event is held in Utik River, Kapuas Hulu.

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