Maria Sendangsono Cave is a contemplation place of Catholics that located in Semagung, Banjaroya Village, Kalibawang, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. This cave was built in 1927 – 1929 and has been inaugurated on December 8 1929.

The Sendangsono name came from the springs under the Angsana tree. The “sendang” is a Javanese term for springs, and “Sono” means Sono/Angsana tree. People said that the springs under the Sendangsono tree is sacred. According to the local myth, there are two creature that is guarding the Sendangsono, Goddess Lantamsari and his son, Den Baguese Samijo.

Rama van Lith SJ was blessed the Sendangsono springs on December 14 1904 and also being a baptism place for 173 Catholics. In 1923m Rama JB Prennthaler SJ asked to build a holy cave as a place for the Virgin Mary that was brought from Swiss. On December 8 1929, the Maria Sendangsono Cave got its blessing.

There are 19 bells in Sendangsono as a supporting worship that rings every 6.00am, 12.00pm, and 6.00pm. In 1958, there are 14 stasis, a little worship place, as a Catholics’ contemplation symbol in the cave.

Maria Sendangsono cave is built wth Javanese architecture that shows the Christian belief through Kapel Tri Tunggal Mahakudus (Trinitas), Kapel Para Rasul, Kapel Maria Bunda Segala Bangsa, and Salib Millenium that has been built in 2000.

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