Arfak tribe or Arfak people is one of the largest tribe that live in West Papua Province. This clan consists of some sub-clans, which are Sough, Hatam, Moile, and Meyah. The 1000-legs house, or also known as mod aki aksa/igkojei is a traditional house where the Arfak people live. The structure of the house is made by hundreds of bamboo, so they called it a 1000-legs house.

Mod aki aksa also being a form of environtment geography in Arfak Mountains. Geographically, the Arfak Mountains is surrounded by dense forest and rushing river.

Traditionally, the mod aki aksa only has two doors, in front of the house and at the back, and there is no window and air ventilation. The architecture is similar with another stilt house that use wood, weeds, and pandan leave as the house materials. The 1000-legs house has a lot of wood-poles with 30 cm each length. Mod aki aksa also has a 8×6 meter width with 1,5 meter length for the poles. The roof has 4.5 to 5 meter tall.

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