Diorama Bale Panyewangan of Purwakarta was built in February 2015 by the Purwakarta Regent, Dedi Mulyadi as the initiator. The aim of this diorama is to promote the important of archive as a part of nation and social live process and history in Purwakarta, West Java. The display of the diorama is a collaboration of archive, art, and technology.

The Purwakarta’s history in Bale Panyewangan is divided into nine segments, where each of them are displayed in a special room. Here the nine histories segments in Diorama Bale Panyewangan of Purwakarta:

  1. Bale Prabu Maharaja Linggabhuwana, tells about the history of Tatar Sunda,
  2. Bale Prabu Niskala Wastukancana, is a hall of fame of the Purwakarta’s leader,
  3. Bale Prabu Dewaniskala, a story about Purwakarta on Mataram, VOC, and Dutch East Indies era, around 1620 – 1799,
  4. Bale Prabu Ningratwangi, contains of Purwakarta on Dutch East Indies era in 1800 – 1942,
  5. Bale Prabu Jayaningrat, shows about Purwakarta on national movement and Japan colonialism era,
  6. Bale Prabu Ratudewata, is a diorama that tells about Purwakarta on independence time in 1945 – 1950, starts from Rengasdengklok Incident to the Democratic Liberal era in 1950 – 1959,
  7. Bale Prabu Nilakendra, shows about Purwakarta in Democratic Leader in 1959 – 1967,
  8. Bale Prabu Surawisesa, tells about Purwakarta on the govern era in 1968 – 1998, Reformation era 1998, until today, and
  9. Bale Ki Pamanah Rasa, that shows about the future Purwakarta “Digjaya Purwakarta Istimewa”.

People who wants to come to Diorama Bale Panyewangan of Purwakarta, the visit schedule is every weekdays, Monday – Friday at 09.00am – 03.00pm, and on weekend at 09.00am – 1.00 pm.

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