Indonesia is one of biggest Muslim country in the world. This religion has been spread through the important international trade area in Nusantara, such as Sumatera shore, Malaka Strait, North Java shore, and the spices producer zone in East Indonesia (Maluku), then spread into Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Lombok, Timor, Rore, and Sabu. One of evidences Islam in Indonesia is the mosque.

Mosque is an Arabic language means place of prostration. Just like in Saudi Arabia, mosque in Indonesia is close relate to Muslim. In Aceh, there are some names to call mosque, meuseugit and meunasah. Also surau as a mosque’s name in Minangkabau, West Sumatera.

One of oldest mosque in Sumatera is Baiturrahman Mosque in Aceh that was built in 1292 C. Another historic mosque are in North Sumatera, which are Jamik Islamiyah Mosque, as-Syakirin Mosque, and Bandar Khalifah Mosque in Deli Serdang, al-Ma’sbun Mosque and al-Osmani Mosque in Medan, and Azizi Mosque in Langkat. Here another list of historical mosque in Sumatera:

Riau Island:

Penyengat Island Big Mosque


Keramat Kototuo Mosque,

Pondok Tinggi Big Mosque, and

Tanjung Pauh Ilir Mosque.

Palembang, South Sumatera:

Palembang Big Mosque, and

Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Big Mosque.


Jamik Bengkulu Mosque, and

Padang Betua Mosque.

Bandar Lampung, Lampung:

Al-Anwar Mosque.

The most historical mosque in Sumatera are located in West Sumatera. Among others, Syekh Burhanuddin mosque and surau in Padang Pariaman is the oldest mosque that was built in 1645 C.

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