Islam culture have been stayed over in Ternate Kingdom in North Maluku. Here are the 4 Islam heritage icon in North Maluku.

Ternate Kingdom

Ternate Kingdom is one of the oldest Islam Empire in Nusantara. This nation was constituted by Baab Manshur Malamo in 1257. On 13th – 17th Century, the Ternate Kingdom had an important ruled in international trade, especially in spices. This empire have expanded its territory to Maluku, North Sulawesi, East and Central Sulawesi, South Philippine, and to the Marshall Island in Pacific.


Bacan Kingdom

Bacan’s Palace is located in Labuha City Sub-District, Bacan Island, South Halmahera. This sultanate established since 1322. At the beginning, Bacan Kingdom was located in Kasiruta Island, but then moved to Bacan Island. The nation used to has an important role as food suppliers in North Maluku. However, the Netherland colonialism burnt Bacan Kingdom, and now there is only Bacan Sultan Keraton left.


Bacan Kingdom’s Mosque

Mosque of Bacan Kingdom is a part of Bacan’s Palace. This 100 meter-wide mosque is located in the middle of Labuha City, Bacan Island, South Halmahera. The mosque has two-pyramid-stories roof and Arabic calligraphy on its each side. On the south side of mosque, there are funeral of family and colleague of Bacan Sultanate.


The Old Mosque of Jailolo (Gammalamo Mosque)

One of the heritage in North Maluku is the Jailolo Old Mosque in Jailolo Kingdom. This old mosque is located in Gamalamo Village, Jailolo, West Halmahera. Different with Ternate Sultanate and Bacan Sultanate, the Jailolo Sultanate is less familiar than those kingdoms. However, the Jailolo Old Mosque is still good maintanance until today. Amusingly, there is a 29-meter of Netherland-old-canon on the mosque garden.

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