As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta or used to well known as Batavia is the central of politic, economy, and social culture life. This fact make people droves to come to Jakarta to get their better life. Unconsciously, cultural exchange happen in Jakarta among the local tribes of Indonesia.

It was STOVIA or School Tot Opleiding van Inlandsche Artsen, the only one doctor’s school in Indonesia, where youth from other districts school. Day by day, those young men created organizations, based on their origin, that at the end became the pioneer of Youth Pledge (Sumpah Pemuda), the day when Indonesian youth declared One Homeland, One Nation, and One Language, Indonesia.

Here are the local organizations:

  1. Jong Java

Jong Java means Young Java or Java’s Youth. This organization established on June 12 1918 in Surakarta, replaced the name before, Trikoro Darmo. The Jong Java’s goal was to developed communion and brotherhood among “Jawa-Raya” youth. The Jawa-Raya itself were the adolescence from Java, Sunda, Madura, Bali, and Lombok.

This organization was trying advanced its members to love for their nation by created some cultural events, such as vocal, gamelan, and traditional dances. The Jang Java strictly refused political action and propaganda. The actor behind this youth organization was Wongsonegoro, Kuncoro, Mawardi, Sarwono, and other young men.

  1. Jong Sumatranen Bond

On December 2 1971 in Batavia, there was a youth organization named Jong Sumatranen Bond. The members of this student organization were the adolescence from Sumatera Island. Jong Sumatranen Bond means alliance of Sumateran youth. The organization then had several branch offices outside Jakarta, such as in Bogor, Bandung, Padang, and Bukittinggi. Some figures from Jong Sumatranen Bond were Mohammad Hatta, Mohammad Yamin, M. Tansil Babder Johan, Assaat, Abu Hanifah, and others.

  1. Sekar Rukun

Different with other youth organization which was used ‘jong’ as a part of its organization’s name, this Pasundan or Parahiyangan’s (West Java) adolescence organization choose Sekar Rukun as its identity. Sekar Rukun desired to be on one’s own organization, outside Jong Java. They learned about West Java’s language and culture, especially in social culture and arts activities.

  1. Jong Minahasa

Jong Minahasa was an organization from Minahasa, North Sulawesi. This youth organization developed in 1918 and aimed to strengthened kinship among Minahasan. Jong Minahasa focused on arts, sports, and social culture activites. G.R Pantouw was the renowned figure from Jong Minahasa.

  1. Jong Celebes

Jong Celebes was the set organization from Sulawesi (Celebes) that had more members than Jong Minahasa. The members of Jong Celebes were the adolescence from many tribes in Sulawesi, such as Minahasa, Sangir, Bolaang Mongondow, Gorontalo, etc. Just like other organizations, Jong Celebes focused on social culture activities.

  1. Jong Bataks Bond

Jong Bataks Bond was an organization of Batak’s (North Sumatera) youth. The aimed of this organization was built unity and kinship among Tanah Batak’s young men. Just like Jong Java, Jong Bataks Bond refused political activities and focused on social culture side.

  1. Jong Ambon

Not only Javanese, Sumatera, and Sulawesi adolescence, Ambonese youth also developed an organization among them, named Jong Ambon. This organization did some activities related to sports, music, and vocal. Johannes Leimena was one of famous figure from Jong Ambon.

  1. Betawi Youth

Betawi Youth also one of youth organization in Batavia. The members of this organization were the native people of Jakarta and did some activities in social culture. Betawi Youth arose in 1927, or one year before Youth Pledge. The founder of this organization was Mohammad Tabrani.

  1. Jong Timoreesch Verbond

This organization members were adolescence from Timor (East Nusa Tenggara). Jong Timoreesch Verbond’s aimed wasto unite among adolescence from Timor.

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