Indonesia Raya national anthem is one of national symbols of Indonesian. However, have you know about the history behind the national anthem?

Indonesia Raya national anthem was created by Wage Rudolf Supratman, an ordinary young man whom worked as a journalist in Bandung and Jakarta. He often sent articles to many newspapers, such as Kaoem Moeda, Kaoem Kita, and Sin Po. Supratman’s engagement in national movement of Indonesia began in 1928 when he saw an announcement about composing a national anthem in Timboel magazine from Solo. Being challenged with that call, WR Supratman sent his work entitled Indonesia Raya.

The Indonesia Raya national anthem then not directly became the Indonesian national anthem. As a journalist, it has been his duty reported many events of movement, one of them are Youth Congress the Second on October 28 1928 or also known as the birth of Sumpah Pemuda Day. On that day, he met Soegondo Djojopoespito, a friend of Soekarno, first president of Indonesia. Mr Soegondo asked Supratman to play his works in front of the audience of the congress. However, to prevent repression from the colonialist, the song was played without lyrics, only the melody. So, for the very first time, Indonesia Raya national anthem being played on October 28 1928 in Indonesische Clubgebouw Building in Kramat Raya Street No 106 (now Sumpah Pemuda Museum).

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