Maluku is not only known of its spices, but also about the culinary. Basically, the Moluccas is very identic and rich about any meals that made from Sago.

Sago is one of food ingredients from East Indonesia, especially in Maluku. This white powder come from Sago’s stem. The sago stem is cut downed into two parts, then its pad is shredded by using two ways of shredding, traditionally and contemporary. The traditional way use a simple tool made from bamboo, while the contemporary way use machine.

After the first step finished, the crude-grated sago is dipped into a water to be squeezed later. The sago squeeze is like coconut milk, white but not as dense as coconut milk. Then the sago squeeze is repressed one week in a natural crock made from sago leaves. The aim of this process is to make the sago naturally fermented by the sun ray, without usage any chemical preservatives.

After one week fermented, the sago are ready to be served into many dishes. Not only be served into Papeda (or Popeda), sago also can be created as snacks, such as sweet sago cookies, canary sago cookies, dried sago cookies, or bagea cookies.

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