Kaili tribe is one of tribes in West Palu, Central Sulawesi. The local wisdom in this society is not only about craft or art, but also about the architecture of the house that shows the strata. The house’s construction shows the social levels of the owners, either he is a noble, middle class society, or just a usual people.

The separation among that house classes can be separated from the spatial, function, and structure of the house. Here is the explanation:

The Noble House

Basically, the noble house has various names, such as Souraja, Banumbso, Sapo Oge (Sapo Bose), and Banua Magau, and all of the name means the big house or king house. The names are based on the sub-tribes in Kaili, for example Souraja is a name that came from Bugis-Malay impact, while Sape Oge (Sapo Bose) based on Tavaili dialect in Kaili language.

The house is house-on-stilts construction which is stand in wooden beams, such as Ulin wood or Bayam wood pillars. It is separated into 3 sections, front (lenta karavana), living room (lonta tatangana), and backroom (lonta rarana).

Lenta Karavana usually left open and empty with an ornament half-wall. This room usually use as a place to welcoming guests. In front of the Lenta Karavana, there are a balcony that is used as back strips. The guest who want to come in to the house have to wash their feet first.

The second room in this house is Lonta Tatangana or the living room. This room is divided into three parts, which are the discussion room, and also the private rooms for the king.

The last room is Lonta Rarana or the dining room and also bedrooms for the girls. In noble house, dining room also use as a room to welcome women guests, colleague, and close friends.

The Middle Class House

Kaili’s middle class house is called as Kataba, or a board house. This Kataba house is a stilts house with grounded stone and rumbia and zinc roof.

Common People’s House

This house called as Tinja Kanjai, or tie house. The Tinja Kanjai is a modest house with 75 – 100 cm height from th ground. The pillars are tied and the floor is from bamboo. This house has bedroom, living room, and dining room.

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