Kulawi society in Central Sulawesi has a social status that divided people inside. This partiality was separate people on that communion into 5 classes. Here the explanation.

The first caste, or also the highest caste called as Madika or Maradika. This class is only for the king or nobleman who have some special authorization.

The second caste named as Tetua Ngata. People who have this race are the people who have an excellent experience or knowledge about persuasion and traditions. They also being called as Ketua Adat, while the sovereign workers have the third caste, Ntina.

Common people in Kulawi society have an ability to get the forth class, Ntodea. People with this race include farmers and other common workers.

The fifth stratum, also the lowest grade in society was Batua. Although this social order is no longer use in Kulawi, but it used to give to the prisoner of wars, slave, and betrayer.


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