Kudus traditional house in Central Java is one of classic house in Indonesia which has a high sculpture technique. This house is relate to the history of Tee Ling Sing, was Greek’s sculptor whom followed the wayfarer journey to Gujarat. When he was in Persia, he became a Muslim and learned about statuary from Chinese, Persian, and European trader in Gujarat. When Tee Ling Sing moved to Demak and lived in Kudus, together with Sunan Kudus and Sun Gin Ang, he spread Islam with the sculpture. By then, the sculpture art became popular among Kudus people.

Like another Javanese house, Kudus house is located far from river but close to another houses. Commonly the houses are facing south (South Sea) and north (Muria Mountain). The structure is made with knock down system and made from teak wood.

Architecturally, Kudus house has a similar construction like other Javanese house, but in Java North coast, the house has already developed by Chinese, Persian, and European touch. The main building has a joglo construction, pencu roof with gedongan as the main top of the roof and also the most sacred place in the house.

The house is divided into some rooms, which are jaga satru, gedongan, and pawon. Also other additional rooms likes bathroom and pekiwanin front of the house.


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