Indonesia Cinematic (Sinematik Indonesia/SI) is the first film archive center in Southeast Asia. This institution was pioneered in 1970 and admitted 5 years later, in 1975. SI began to go international in 1977, when it joined to Federation Internationale des Archives du Film (FIAF) and South East Asia Pacific Audio Visual Archives Association (SEAPAVAA) in 1997. On those forums, SI being as an inspiratory and initiator.

SI has much genre Indonesian movie, such as non-fiction films, movie scripts, and soap operas from 1970, and various types of movie equipment sets, without any selections or specific criteria. The all things are keep in a special room with 7 – 10 degree Celsius and 45 – 60% RH of humidity. By this condition, the film rolls can be reserve until 50 years and 100 years for black-white films. However, the ideal temperature to save color films more than 100 years is on 0 degree Celsius and 401% RH of humidity.

The guests also can find a cinema room and preview room inside SI, with 500 and 200 audiences. Besides, SI also has a library or the archive film center in HR Rasuna Said Street, South Jakarta. The name of this building is SI Building or Hajj Umar Ismail Film Center.


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