Nyi Eulis Zoraida sang Ismail Marzuki’s song.

For Ismail Marzuki, an Indonesian music maestro, music is not only as a work place, but also a place when he found his beloved one, Nyi Eulis Zoraida, a woman from Bandung, West Java. Nyi Eulis Zoraida is a lady whom really adore in music, just like Ismail Marzuki. He fell in love with Eulis when he heard that lady sang Indonesia Tanah Pustaka beautifully in a music competition. At that time, Ismail Marzuki was 24 y.o and was a musician for singers, and among the singers, he found Eulis. Then they got married in 1940.

To support their financial, Eulis had been selling Gado-gado (Indonesian mix vegetables with peanut sauce. She did this because of Ismail Marzuki didn’t have a good job to earn money, besides he didn’t want to cooperate with the colonial in any ways. Ismail Marzuki had become an English private teacher.

Eulis became a living witness for the masterpieces work of Ismail Marzuki. Thus, she also being Ismail Marzuki’s love songs inspire. Eulis reallu understand the habit when her husband got the mood or idea to write a beautiful songs. When the ideas came, Ismail Marzuki would quieten himself in a room until he finished his work. He needs to be fully concentrate playing his piano keys to compose his song.

After he finished his work, Ismail Marzuki always asked Eulis to sing the song for the first time. Hence, Nyi Eulis Zoraida is the only one person who sang the Ismail Marzuki’s works.

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