Jakarta Hari Film Nasional (National Movie Day) that will be held on March 30th 2015 is carried as the beginning of love Indonesian movie movement. This strategic programs series has been arranged by the committee with Lance Mengong as the chairman.

On the press conference in Building A, the Ministry of Education and Culture in Thursday, March 12th, 2015, Lance said that Hari Film Nasional (HFN) will be a right momentum to engage society to love and appreciate Indonesian movies.

This year, Hari Film Nasional bring a spirit which engage us to appreciate the achievement, learn the shortage that can be a stumbling, and learn to reassure for the better movie future, said Lance.

On his presentation, he explained four big programs which will run with his team. The four big programs are Membawa Penonton ke Bioskop (Bring the spectator to Theatre), Kampanye STOP! Pembajakan (STOP! The Piracy Campaign), Meningkatkan Kualitas SDM (Improve the Quality of Human Resource), and Preservasi Film (Movie Preservation).

Each programs divided into subprograms that involve various circles. For Membawa Penonton ke Bioskop program, the committee will held one day with Indonesian movie movement in March 30, 2015, which many Indonesian movies will be shown simultaneously in every theatre in Indonesia, the Indonesian embassies, Movie community in domestic and foreign country, and inflight service in Indonesian airlines.

For Membawa Penonton ke Bioskop program, the committee will also play Indonesian movies by using 60 cars that will around to the areas which do not have theatre on March 23 30, 2015, delegate movie ambassadors to ten school that receive a laboratories facility, play a campaign movie, and it will be closed with movie watching with the President in Istana Negara, added Lance.

The committee also entangled the movie communities in Indonesia to participate in Kampanye STOP! Pembajakan campaign, by join some competitions. The participant will involve creating a meme design and other viral campaign which has an invitation watch Indonesian movie theme.

We also still improve Indonesian movie quality through the human resource enhancement program. We will held a master class discussion, translate Indonesian movie books, and create a screencraft book series about Indonesian movie, explained Lance.

Next, for Preservasi Film program, the committee will do a celluloid movie clearance in PFN warehouse, and mapping and collecting audiovisual work.

At least we need one team consist of some selection people. They will do this heavy work at least one year. They will cooperate with the ministry or other country institution so that the access to audiovisual collection, that saved by the government institution can be coordinated properly, he said.

With these program series, the committee wishes that Hari Film Nasional 2015 celebration will be a pioneer of national movie preservation, and also support the filmmakers to still creative and improve the creativity for a better Indonesian film.

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