As one of art community in Jakarta, Seni Budaya Khatulistiwa (SBK) still continues to develop and concerv the Indonesian art. The community, which the office is in Balai Kesenian South Jakarta, is never stop to introduce the Indonesian art, especially for teenagers. As a contribution for Indonesia, on March 13th 2015 ago, SBK played a Lenong Betawi entitled Jayakarta.

As a chairman of SBK, Teguh Hari Santoso, on his speech said thanks to all participants who help SBK created the Lenong Betawi Jayakarta. He also said that SBK is a local arts community which always tries to conserving the original local art of Indonesia.

The Museum Director of TMII, which is represented by Jualita, also gave a speech before the Lenong began. On her speech, she challenged all of people, especially young people to directly contribute to conserve Indonesian local art. She also said that TMII will show a Tradisi Nusantara theatre that will be showed every Friday in this year. Moreover, the Tradisi Nusantara itself, which is located in Sasono Budoyo Langen, will be presented by other local art communities in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. She hoped that Tradisi Nusantara can be a caderitation place for adolescent to develop the Indonesian local art.

Lenong Betawi Jayakarta plays a history about Jakarta, especially the history of Jatinegaras name. Jatinegara itself was named by Ahmad Jaketra, the son of Adipati Jayakarta the third.

Lenong Betawi Jayakarta which played in Sasono Langon Budoyo Building is a work of the director Udin Kacrit. In this lenong, Udin Kacrit tried to combined 2 lenong concepts, which are Lenong Preman and Lenong Denes (Dinas). This lenong was played by the members of Seni Budaya Khatulistiwa, helped by some famous Betawi actor and actress, such as Aziz Gagap, H.Nori or Mpok Nori, Jaya Noin, and Rianto AR, which on this lenong played as Ahmad Jaketra. Udin Kacrit also hoped that the play of Lenong Betawi from SBK can be an annual event from this community.

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