Germany, Kemendikbud — The Indonesia stand in Leipzig Book Fair, German, is not only displayed about Indonesian books, but also the Nusantara culinary. On a session entitled Indonesian Soup, a hundred people willing to go on line for Indonesian Soup Bobor.

Indonesian Soup Bobor was cooked by Leipzig Book Fair committee which all of them are Germany. This is a special offered from the committee of Leipzig Book Fair to provide Indonesian culinary. Indonesia was one Guest of Honor in Frankfurt Book Fair 2015.

Actually, Soto is more delightful, but Soto is complicated, so they (the Germany) seek for a simply (food), then they choose Soup Bobor, said Chef Petty Elliot in Leipzig Book Fair, German, Thursday (12/03/2015).

Petty and her team created a list of some soups and Soto from Indonesia along with the recipe then submitted it to the committee of Leipzig Book Fair which finally chooses Soup Bobor. On the cooking process, Petty and her team not entangled chef from Indonesia. Because they have a strict rule. Other chefs from other country cannot entry, she said.

She confessed that Indonesian Soup Bobor which is made from Leipzig Book Fair Committee has a delicious taste and suitable with the original recipe. However, she felt inappropriate without lemongrass on her recipes.

The Leipzig Book Fair visitor is also like Soup Bobor. A hundred people got in line to taste the delicious Indonesian Soup Bobor. It proven from the soup cups which looked empty. Interestingly, the soup was not eaten with rice like in Indonesia, but with bread like in German.

This is delicious. I like the taste, praised Ursula Holpp, a visitor of Leipzig Book Fair. She also had already gone to Indonesia and tried some Indonesian culinary. But this is the first time she try Soup Bobor. Because she likes the taste, she ate the soup without the bread.

Soup Bobor is a soup with spinach which thinly sliced, also carrot and radish which julienned. The sauce was made from coconut milk with garlic, onion, basil, and lemongrass. Soup Bobor will be reserved every day on lunch time in Leipzig Book Fair, March 1215 2015.


Source: kemdikbud.go.id

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