Jakarta Before the 65th anniversary of National Movie Day (Hari Film Nasional) that will be held in March 30th 2015, Directorate General of Culture, The Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia did a perss conference entitled Ayo! Film Indonesia, in building A, the Ministry of Education and Culture on Thursday (March 12th, 2015).

As the committee head of National Movie Day 2015, Lance Mengong said that the National Movie Day is a momentum to acquitance Indonesian movie to the society. This going to be a right time to ask our society to love more our Indonesian movie, he said.

Matched with Lance, the Director of Indonesian Arts and Movie Development, Endang Caturwati also said the same. This year, we will organize some events, such as takes viewers to the theatre, create a stop piracy movement, improve our human resource which has a good competence in their field, and many more, said Endang in front of the media.

With a synergy cooperation with media, Kacung Marijan, the Director of Directorate General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia also expressed his hope. He hoped that the Indonesian can appreciate more Indonesian art work. Also on the event, there was a famous director Joko Anwar and an actress Wulan Guritno on the event.

The main theme, Ayo! Film Indonesia will be divided into four movement program, such as Ayo! Nonton Film Indonesia, Ayo! STOP Pembajakan Film Indonesia, Ayo! Maju Fim Indonesia, and Ayo!Rawat Film Indonesia. Each of those programs consist of persuasive events, such as engage the society and community go to the theatre, translate movie books, create an art work book series, play Indonesian movie in in-flight service, come to remote areas with 60 cars, and movie preservation.

On the next March 30th, on the main event, the committee will organize a movie watching with the President of Indonesia in Istana Negara. The committee expects that this campaign will be the beginning of the movement through strategic programs relate to the movie map situation nowadays.

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