The process of Lembaga Sensor Film (LSF) management replacement period 2009-2012 has been done through some stages. Around 34 names of LSFs chairman candidates, which consist with 24 people from many society elements and 10 people from government, have been proposed to the President of Indonesia on October 15 2014 by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Mendikbud). The member of LSFs selection process delayed because the Government Regulation (PP) about LSF was already set by the President on March 11 2014. To fulfill the vacancy member until there is a new management of LSF, the tenure of LSFs members period 2009-2012 has been extended by the Mendikbud Regulation No. 032/P/2012.

The candidates of LSFs member selection process began with the committee selection formation by Mendikbud Regulation No. 65/P/2014 on Mei 12 2014. The committee has been conducted by: Secretary General of Kemdikbud, Ainun Naim, and other members from government, filmmakers, and society.

The selection stages are: (1) the announcement on July 21 August 4 2014; (2) online and manual registration on August 5 13 2014; (3) Administration Selection on August 14 27 2014; (4) interview selection on September 2 2014; (5) report from committee selection to the minister about the selection result on October 14 2014; (6) the result of selection handover to President on October 15 2014; (7) The President sent a letter to House of Representative of Indonesia to asked a consideration about the selected names (see the appendix of the process)

The selection was followed by 96 prospective applicants from society elements, and who passed the administration selection is about 49 applicants. The selection committee then interviewed the applicants according to these criteria: (1) papers with 20 points score; (2) the acknowledge of traditional value and culture with 10 points score; (3) the comprehension of films basis, purpose, and function with 10 points score; (4) the comprehension of film sensor with 20 points score; (5) the comprehension of film and TV broadcasting with 20 points score; (6) the applicants competence with 20 points score. Besides, the committee also considers gender aspect, the readiness of the applicant to work in full-time, and also the readiness of the applicant to resign from the previous job.

Today, the government is still waiting an opinion about the applicants name from The House of Representative of Indonesia.

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