Jakarta, June 10th 2014 at London School of Public Relations Campus B, marketing 15 class 1C students held an event entitled The Golden General : the Hero may left, but the story keeps on living. Derived from its big theme Explore Jakarta, this event was aimed to change the mindset of museums. This event was also purposed to reappoint the essential role of museums for live and world civilization.

This event invited speakers such as the children of General Ahmad Yani as the represent of Sasmita Loka Museum, Rico Ceper, Asep Kambali as the founder of Indonesia History Community, and Cynthia Tidajoh as the Tourism Ambassador 2010.

In this occasion, Mrs. Amelia A. Yani told the audience about her fathers struggle to seize the independence of Indonesia. The memory of G30S claiming the lives of her father was presented in a touchy monologue which takes the audience to imagine what happened on October 1st, 1965 at her residence. Now the residence is being treated and used as a museum named Sasmita Loka which is a silent witness of the struggle of General Ahmad Yani. The museum itself is located on Jl. Lembang 58, Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Rico ceper urged the audience to recalling the history by visiting museums. He told his stories when he was in foreign countries which there museums are crowded by visitors either old or young. It is quite contrast compared to Indonesia where museum s are deserted and not favorite place for people to spend the holidays.

Besides, Cynthia Tidajoh as the Tourism Ambassador 2010 said museum is an identity which means this nation will not develop if it does not know its identity and that identity is the one that is recorded at the museum. Therefore we have to love museums by visiting and learning from it.

What is also important is the review or brief analysis from Asep Kambali as the founder of Indonesia History Community about history and museums in the Indonesian perspective nowadays. He said that the homework for the Indonesian youth is actually spending this independence that we have through knowing the history of our heroes and visiting museums. History is the step stone of a nation before stepping further, said Asep Kambali. Alike Cyinthia, this means that this nation will never be able to step further or develop without knowing where the step stone is

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