One of the activities in Kemah Budaya (Cultural Camping) was Solo Menari 2014 (Solo Dancing). Solo Dancing is a ritual activity that is done by the Solo Government during these past 8 years in order to celebrate the World Danc Day.

The Solo Dancing included 6 main agendas. They were 24 hours dancing performance at ISI Solo Campus, dancing performance in the Soloraya public room, dancing oration by Sal Murgianti, dancing workshop, dancing maestro performance, and main performance by six dancer or performer for 24 hours.

The performance at ISI Solo Campus was opened by the Opening World Dance Day 2014 that was performed at the Rectors Field ISI Solo Campus. Afterwards, the event was continued by dance carnival, dance performance, dancing masterpiece performance, and dance oration by Sal Murgiyanto at the Building F, ISI Solo Campus.

The event that was held in the Soloraya public room , was the series of 24 hours dancing performance. The dancing event by the dancing art studio from students and community performed at Solo Grand Mall, Solo Square Mall, Solo Paragon Lifestyle Mall, The Park Mall, and Adi Soemarmo Airport.

SMKN 8 Solo also held an independent event in order to celebrate Solo Dancing 2014. Primarily, they held the vent at their complex. Various young dancers were performing in this event.

Solo celebrated the World Dance Day by holding a cultural carnival from Loji Gandrung to Bundaran Gladag. At the end of this carnival, Umbul Donga event was performed and was led by Solo Dancing 2013. Wahyu Santoso and one of the Solo Dancing 2014, Daryono.

Colossal Dance was also performed in the favorite event at Kota Bengawan. Colossal dance that was performed was Bima Sakti Dance which involved 1500 dancers from Soloraya. The Major of Solo, F.X Hadi Rudyatmo and Vice Major, Achmad Purno also attended to celebrate the Solo Dancing 2014.



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