The position of Indonesia as part of the globalization of the world provide a variety of effects. One is the use of foreign languages ??becomes so common in society.
Foreign language into various aspects of life in the nation and influenced the development of the Indonesian language. Symptoms appear seen from the use of foreign languages ??in official meetings, mass media, and outdoor media in public places.
In addition to foreign languages, particularly the use of local languages ??and Jakarta Malay language “slang” has colored the Indonesian oral use. This condition makes the Indonesian language so characteristic of national identity decaying.
“World class mindset tend to leave the appreciation of the language and literature of Indonesia as seen from the nuances absence Indonesian in public space,” said Head of Development and Socialization Muhadjir Development Agency and Language Development Kemendikbud, Friday (21/9).
For the development of Indonesian as a reference material and quality improvement, published some movement. Among the launching of “Education Quality Improvement National Movement” on May 2, 2002; Development Library, and National Book Day on May 17, 2002.
Added Head of Learning Kemendikbud Fairul Zabadi, Indonesian language must be submitted properly. “Because one of the functions is as a unifying language and national identity marker. Generating loyalty to the language,” he said.
Language extinction
Language as part of human culture could be lost. Most threatened is the language used in various remote places in the world.
In an increasingly globalized era, connected, and homogeneous, the languages ??spoken in remote areas not protected by national borders or natural barriers of languages ??that dominate the world of communication and trade.
In this article the Missing Voices in National Geographic Indonesia July 2012 edition of the languages ??mentioned extinct every 14 days. Before the century changed, nearly half of the approximately 7,000 languages ??spoken on Earth may be extinct, because people change their native language with English, Mandarin, or Spanish.
(Zika Zakiya)

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