More than half a century ago, in 1961, inspired by a monumental story of the land of India, about 300 lives gathered crowd Prambanan temple courtyard.
Watered by the light of a bright full moon, on a 25 x 60 meter stage they started a performing arts became fused identity with their cultural roots. A folk entertainment are cheap, beautiful, and meaningful. Until this moment, the performing arts that is still preserved.
“First came the idea to call it a ballet, but there was more striking title. Ramayana ballet, “said Retno Maruti.
His statement is not without reason soar. Retno Maruti existed since the birth of the Ramayana ballet. Women flawless shade is one of the pioneers of ballet dancers Ramayana in 1961. At that time the Ramayana ballet is considered a new format, because it does not include dialogue in the show format. Pure dance alone.
“Ramayana during birth is an attempt to translate and perform meaning terjabar reliefs at Prambanan body,” added Prof Dr. Timbul Haryono, an expert of ancient Javanese culture.
Sign of the Ramayana in Indonesian territory has been detected since the beginning of the fifth century. In the ninth century, the signs are more apparent with the discovery of various inscriptions of the kingdom of Mataram Hindu Ramayana mention. “From his birth in early AD, the splendor of the Ramayana spread to the archipelago,” said Occur.
“Our visitors continues to grow each year. Last year we were visited by 75 thousand visitors. This figure is achieved with the help of a marvelous Ramayana ballet performances. This year we were after number 85 thousand, “said Purnomo Siswoprasetjo, president director of PT. Garden Borobudur, Prambanan and Ratu Boko site.
As a concrete step to spread the culture of the Ramayana ballet and increase awareness of local arts, Purnomo and his team also conducted roadshows to schools in big cities. Inviting students to share in the art of the legendary entertainment.
“People should realize that dance is not just about sports, but if the soul,” Prof. Dr. Wiendu Nuryanti spoke. Deputy Minister of Education and Culture is explained in detail about the Ramayana Festival, to be held on 12-15 October 2012.
For four days, Prambanan Ramayana Open Stage performances will be decorated Ramayana. Uniquely, this performance will be presenting eight different versions of the Ramayana ballet. Eight version was staged in the style of northern Sumatra, Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, Bali and South Kalimantan.
“Lets make renaissance version of the Ramayana,” continued Wiendu. “One of the main values ??of this activity is to stimulate creativity to bear choreography of young artists. As long as they are still in the basic character of the Ramayana, these creations will definitely add color to the ballet, which is already present to entertain more than 50 years, “he said.
Festival Ramayana is believed to be one of the shaft during the rise of the art of dance is believed to lack a concern. “We are also preparing Ramayana Festival is to take to the international stage. Ten countries have their own version of the Ramayana will be invited to Indonesia in 2013. This culture must be preserved, “said Wiendu.
(True Wicaksono / NGT)

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